Why Wildhearted?

Wildhearted is a unique boutique with a desire to become a place you can count on to find meaningful items for yourself or someone in your life that reconnect you with nature. The store is filled with a mix of small inventories of ever-changing items. Some are handmade by seller items, and some are handpicked by seller from favourite distributors known for their reputation in their industry.

It’s the little decisions we make throughout our day, every day in our relationships & with ourselves that have the most impact on our daily enjoyment & fulfillment which then add together to make up a life. Little decisions like whether we meditate or have a sacred space. Or how we keep the space we live & spend time in. I enjoy the feeling of clean simplicity with a lot of plants in my home, work & meditative spaces. I like the look & feel of mixing crystals, rocks & wood with them. When we feel grounded & connected to nature, we feel rooted & balanced. Or little decisions like surprising ones we love with tokens of meaning that bring nature into their home. A beautiful way to be spontaneous with or mark a special occasion for someone you care about.

Happiness is an attitude. You can be as happy as you want to be. Feelings you get from; balance, giving & allowing meaning to exist in your life, are a good grounded place for happiness to begin. Looking at life only through the mind is not really living. Closer possibly to artificial intelligence. Entering the intelligence of the heart begins the human journey. The world of contrast or law of duality and the fishbowl called earth.

Sometimes an illogical moment leads to the right rabbit hole & the door to your happiness - what's your goal in life?

If you live locally & prefer to pick up your order to save shipping costs please put a note in your order. Your freight charge will be refunded & you will receive an email on how to pick up your order.