I Wish To Fulfill My Destiny & To Be A Light In The Darkness

Why Is Ritual Important

Joseph Campbell and others like him have talked about how one thing the religions did was give people something to believe in, something to lean on, in hard times hope, a moral backdrop to aspire to, purpose and the feeling of belonging. That, as religion has been fading nothing has been coming in to take its place. This is a huge problem for evolution because we need these things to feel happy, healthy and stable.

There is power in ritual. Like so many others out there I have had many experiences in my life that I can’t explain away. Once you experience something you can’t explain but also can’t deny happening, it changes you. I know the power of ritual. Have felt the intelligence behind nature- like the rhythms, math & instinct, when built into a person's ritual- draws power. Doing simple but meaningful ritual every day is like powerful prayer. It connects you. Not only to the source of life's rhythms but also to your own. This is a very healthy way to live and feels healthy & lifts your vibration. You can learn how to incorporate ritual into your life by doing spiritual guidance with me (see the Services section). We shouldn't lose ritual & belief in an intelligent design even if we lose our connection to formal religion. It offers a way for you to feel strongly connected to the Universe & to be reminded that you have a lot of power over your life. I know the world teaches money as a driver to make you feel happy - working towards it or for it & what it can do. But the truth is most people are happier when they feel they belong, and have purpose & are part of something bigger. Ritual & other spiritual practices offer you that. It is something you can learn to incorporate until it becomes second nature. Learn how to create customized rituals for your life by working with me. Sign up for spiritual counselling sessions & note your interest in ritual. 

 What is Intention Setting

Intention Setting is basically using an object & small task to focus on a topic you have chosen to learn about or change within yourself. This controls and ensures you make time for putting your focus on things that will assist you.

 Intention Setting becomes easier to do well when you have a higher vibration in general. So some work is done to raise your viberation as part of the session or homework. Intention Setting is also a great thing to teach children. What a great skill to have to learn about how to break down a topic or problem & actually take action & build it into their life. Keep a journal or book on the topic as we work together so you later have a reference place. Plan to carve out a period from 20 to 60mins to work on, read or learn about the topic or problem on a daily basis. It’s a very empowering skill. If you want to learn about Intention Setting & How to add it into your life sign up for spiritual guidance sessions with me & note your interest in intention setting. Be ready to discuss & pick a topic you want to use to learn on. Topics can be anything – how to figure out where I want to work & how to change jobs, how to connect with my emotions to feel whole like I did as a kid, how to have a simple, happy life & not over do, how to increase my vibration, how to find hobbies or passions & many others. 

Comment on Chakras & Light beings

I do believe everything on earth came from light. That light is made up of certain accepted colours. It makes sense to me that we would have centers of this light in our bodies. The descriptions of chakra centers in our bodies feels correct to me & makes sense. It makes sense that some chakra centers in some people would be stronger then in others & it also makes sense that these centers could be out of balance within us, affecting us. It also makes sense to me that the job of the chakras is of them being the system set up to look after the part of ourselves that isn’t our physical selves such as feelings & emotions like fear, love, anger, & our thinking such as our self-worth.

Why Crystals & Rocks

When picking an item to use as my reminder for the Intention Setting system or for ritual work, I found I liked crystals because I can pick a crystal within the colour of the chakra that governs the topic or problem I am working on. For example, If I was working on How to Open my Heart – Green – Colour of the Higher Heart Chakra. I also like crystals because they feel nice to hold for a few minutes and they look good in my home the way plants look good there – also reminding me thorough the day of the topic. 

 What is Spiritual Guidance - with me

Should you wish to work with me- over time I will teach you how to build & connect to an altar, how to think from an energy stance point, how to incorporate energy work and the spiritual world into your daily life. Will basically work to       re-wire how you look at things in life. Sessions are based on what you are interested in learning. Could be Intention Setting or Ritual work. Always looking to connect to the intelligent design in nature & align our rhythms with it. Using this way of looking at things we can discuss & address your real life problems or interests. We can meet weekly, monthly, semi-monthly or however often you want. Our meetings can be done very well over zoom or in person. I can also offer you things to work on if you like between sessions so you can begin right away taking action yourself.