Custom Work

I enjoy doing custom pieces for people using natural products because they are meditative to work with. I can bond with what I'm creating, making each item with good energy flowing , stays within that item. It’s fun to discuss what someone would like and what they use it for within ritual or spiritual work or what it means to them. Joining energy & stories in that process with the customer is fun and can be healing when healing is needed. Symbols are important in life. Bringing something forward in the mind whenever it is seen is a deeper more pleasurable way to live, in my opinion. Being willing to allow for meaning in your life is a great place to take your first step when looking for happiness. 
Some Ideas to Symbolize with Custom Work
If you have an idea you want done & would like a quote please email
  • Honour & Mark Special Occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, first dates, thinking of you's, friendship moments, graduations, or any other special date.
  • Ritual Work
  • Altar Décor
  • Remember a Loved One 
  • Personalized & Meaningful Gifts For Others 
  • Walking Bracelets and Cords – meditative and protective
  • Vehicle charms
Some Common Custom Projects
  • Crystal, Stone and Beadwork – walking bracelets & cords/wrist wraps, necklaces, bracelets and anklets.
  • Wooden Oracle & Candle Boards of various sizes- custom wood burn designing to suit you- various price points
  • Wooden Prayer or Family Boards
  • Crochet – various styles of wraps, shawls, purses & bags, neck warmers, adult & child ponchos, scarves, baby blankets, pet blankets
  • Hair Barrettes & Clips – mostly done silk flower style.
  • Vehicle charms - stone & crystal work
  • Charms for Children - protective, anxiety/fidget toys. 
  • Just beginning to learn metal smith techniques - products coming