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Offering Spiritual Guidance on the Following Topics
  • How to incorporate ritual into your daily life 
  • How to set up, connect with and keep a living altar 
  • How to use intention setting in your life to learn and go after your goals
  • How to set the daily flow of your life around your real priorities 
  • How to own your femininity & reclaim your own beauty or masculinity
  • How to live with the goal of happiness not money (not against money)
  • How to make decisions from your heart brain (chakras -emotions) not your mind brain (logic, computing data) 
  • How to connect with the cycles of the moon and our emotional state 
  • Your own topic of interest spiritually
  • A personal issue - we can discuss and look at from an energetic perspective

What is Spiritual Guidance - with me

Should you wish to work with me, over time I will teach you how to think from an energy stance point, how to incorporate energy work and the spiritual world into your daily life. Will basically work to re-wire how you look at everything in life. Sessions are based on what you are interested in learning. Using topics of interest as a focal point to think about how you look at something and what your real goal is. Are they in line. Meaning are the things you spend your time thinking & doing in line with your goals. Are you acting from a place of power. How to fuel your personal power by connecting with nature. We can meet weekly, monthly, semi-monthly however often you want. Our meetings can be done very well over video or in person. I can also offer you things to work on, if you like, between sessions so you can begin right away taking actions yourself. Ultimately you are never done until you incorporate what you believe into your life.

    • To Book A Service - please go to the collections page on the top menu and look for Services as a collection.